Cotton Candy Princes Challenge

I wanted to celebrate the progress of the Hattaraprinsessa KAL with a small challenge. I wanted to include some lovely, themed prizes that would be completely unique and also useful. Project markers with the Arteeni and Hattaraprinsessa logos:

Hattaraprinsessa haaste projektimerkit

I published a challenge competition with the Hattaraprinsessa KAL pattern, which you can participate in by posting on Instagram and Facebook. Unfortunately, Instagram's algorithms do not support this type of participation through hashtags, as not all posts with hashtags are shown. No, even if the account and the post are public.  Instagram has decided that only "top posts" OR "best recent posts" are shown from the hashtags. Not all of them.

That's why I decided to add an additional draw here on the blog, so that everyone has a chance to participate from here as well. Commenters' email addresses are only visible to me.

Projektimerkit hattaraprinsessalogolla ja Arteenin logolla


Participating in the challenge competition

The Hattaraprinsessa KAL challenge prize includes at least 2 project markers, featuring the Hattaraprinsessa logo and the Arteen logo. All project markers are unique and have a lot or a little difference between them. Project markers cannot be chosen by yourself. [Image]

The challenge prizes will be drawn:

  • On Instagram, among the challenge hashtags for each part (8 prizes)
  • On Facebook, among the challenge hashtags for each part (8 prizes)
  • Among those who comment on this post (at least* 8 prizes)
  • Copy the link to your challenge post and add it to the comment field with optional messages.
  • Please note that comments are subject to approval due to spam, so they will not appear immediately.
  • Use an email address to comment from which you can then find the notification of a possible win (sender info at arteeni dot fi). Unreachable prizes will be drawn again.
  • The draw will be held among blog posts on February 18th.


  • If the participant is not reached within two weeks, the prize will be redrawn among those who participated through the blog.
  • The lucky winners can choose the Sari Ojalehto published PDF pattern instead of the project markers (* then the project markers will be redrawn among those who participated through the blog at the end of the project)
  • Delivery of project markers only to the EU area, winners outside the EU can choose the Sari Ojalehto PDF pattern (* then the project markers will be redrawn among those who participated through the blog at the end of the project)
  • You can also participate in the draw by commenting on this post, even if you have not participated in the Hattaraprinsessa KAL. Two prizes will be drawn among those who have not left the participation link in the post.
  • Only one project marker prize per participant. However, you can increase your chances of winning by participating on Instagram, Facebook, and here on the blog. If the same person wins again, they can choose the PDF pattern instead of the project markers.
  • I will contact the winners personally either via Instagram or Faceboon/messenger or by email to those who have won here. I will not ask for bank details, and I will not ask you to register for anything. You can easily recognize possible scammers - still be careful, there are plenty of them around.
  • I will announce the winners in Arteeni social mefia posts and list them in this post.
  • This draw is not sponsored by Instagram, Facebook, iltasanomat, grandma, or anyone else other than Sari Ojalehto//Arteeni.

And you can find the Hattaraprinsessa pattern here if you don't have it yet []



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