Brand new Arteeni site with Web Store


You are warmly welcome to Arteeni new site! I'm so excited about the new visual outcome and that I'll get everything better organized. And the most I'm excited about Arteeni Web Store! Now my designs are available also for them who don't feel Ravelry that familiar. Not to mention physical materials or videos, which can't be shared via Ravelry.  

All old content will be moved here but it will take a few moments. Nothing is lost, everything is still in either of the sites. If you can't find it here, please check the old site. The links aren't valid anymore but the pages are located like they were before. I'm so grateful for your patience, as this new site will be so much clearer, faster and more functional.  

At the same, while I finish and polish the new site, I'm also working on new content. I want to make this site a perfect place for you, so would you mind to answer one or two short questions? I really appreciate your thoughts! You'll find the survey here behind this link. 

I'll also share an almost weekly email in the future. It will contain news, info, skills and know-how, techniques, new designs, etc, as well as a short part of thoughts that will enhance your life quality. It really is worth ordering the weeklish email!

Once more, feel welcome to Arteeni new site!

You can give your proposals here!

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