Arteeni Coloring Picture

Yay! Look at how fancy coloring picture my 14-years-old goddaughter made to Arteeni!! Sanna is so talented with both a pen and a paintbrush! And what a best, she also likes crafts and she has made me a beautiful crochet snowflake coaster! You get the Coloring Picture by ordering Arteeni Newsletter. We both wish you'd share your colorings on Instagram with the hashtag #arteeni_coloring


Click the photo to download the coloring picture. It's in the online shop, but it doesn't cost anything.



"I'm an artist who paints and dances for my own fun."
- Sanna Kangas -

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Vau mikä taiteilija. Ihanaa luovuutta nuorelta ja terveisiä Sannalle!


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