Ice Cream Princess KAL

Your Highness, we're back in the realm of princesses!! Tadaah, the Ice Cream Princess is here! A delightful royal ice cream summer is in store!

After the Cotton Candy Princess, it's time for the Ice Cream Princess blanket KAL! This charming Knit-A-Long project includes six lovely knitted squares with ice cream themes (five squares and one half), as well as a border. Now is a great reason to indulge in ice cream both at the market cafe and on the needles!! What's your favorite flavor?

The squares are knitted in rounds starting from the center, so you don't have to pay attention to the wrong side. The instructions explain in words, pictures, and videos how to knit the pieces. There are also videos of all the tricks and new stitches. The pieces are finished and joined with crochet hook, but don't worry - that's also shown in the video!

The border is also knitted exceptionally "from the center to the edges", so the stitch count is large and the rows are long, but with thick yarn it can be done quickly. In addition to normal sock needles or a circular needle (for the parts), you only need long circular needles or even a couple of cables in between the interchangeable needles (for the border).


Blanket size options


The smaller size option A (on the left) is approximately 130 x 170 cm (weight 1400 g without tassels). The larger option B (on the right) is approximately 170 x 210 cm (weight 2100 g without tassels).

Materials and supplies

  • Yarn: Lankava Lempi, color 101 natural white; 100% wool, 50 g = 50 m:
    • 1550 grams for the smaller version A OR
    • 2250 grams for the larger version B
    • Note: Yarn consumption estimates are only with a small margin of safety. Make sure to follow the given gauge so that the yarn is enough! Order more yarn if necessary!
  • 6 mm needles
    • 20 cm sock needles; OR 80-100 cm circular needles for the pieces AND
    • 150 cm circular needle for the border (tip: use interchangeable needles and add several cables in between)
  • 6 mm crochet hook
  • Tapestry needle and yarn scissors for finishing the ends of the yarn.
  • Inelastic and undyed yarn and rustproof pins for pinning the finished blanket.


Yarn discount

Lankava offers a 10% discount on materials and supplies for participants in the Ice Cream Princess project. The discount includes:

- Lankava Lempi -wool yarn
- All KnitPro interchangeable tips
- KnitPro interchangeable needle cable
- KnitPro Cable connector
- KnitPro Waves crochet hook

The discount can be obtained with the code JAATELOPRINSESSA (or JÄÄTELÖPRINSESSA) until August 22, 2024. By using the code, the blanket designer Sari Ojalehto also receives a commission on sales.

Charming surface knits

The Ice Cream Princess pieces are knitted with different surface knitting techniques, giving the surface a lively appearance. The squares started from the center are symmetrical on all sides, giving an elegant impression. The same pattern is repeated identically on each side of the square.

The surfaces of the pieces refract light and shadows incredibly beautifully! Twisted rib is repeated as a background in all parts, making the whole thing harmonious and symmetrical as well.

Difficulty level

The pieces are knitted from the center to the edges, and the increases are centered on different needles in the corners of the pieces. This requires a little practice at first, but so far all test knitters have succeeded well, and once they got going, they liked the method. Thanks to it, the instructions are clearer, as they are for an entire side of the square at once, and you don't have to wonder where the row started and when the next repeat continues.

Therefore, we would say that the whole thing level is intermediate, but since the instructions also include videos, even a brave beginner is sure to succeed!

However, if you're wondering if you dare to try, the first Vanilla square is available for a while for free in the online store with the code JATSKI (pattern release 24.5). The pattern only includes the instructions for this square, no other parts or instructions for the project, but if you enjoy trying it out, you can then jump into this entire KAL!


The schedule is pleasantly summery and flexible, and of course the project can be continued even after the parts are published. Again and again!

Peitto KAL info: Coming soon: A document that will be updated as the project progresses.

  • Part 1: May 24 - Square 1
  • Part 2: June 7 - Square 2
  • Part 3: June 21 - Square 3
  • Part 4: July 5 - Square 4
  • Part 5: July 19 - Square 5
  • Part 6: August 2 - Half square
  • Part 7: August 16 - Border

This KAL includes all of the above parts as separate PDF files. The content of the files will be updated according to the schedule, and subscribers will always receive an email notification when an update is available.

Ice Cream Princess at Päijänne lake

Take a look at how the larger Ice Cream Princess blanket looks in the lake landscape of Päijänne at Mämminiemi:

Endless possibilties

This KAL project offers two different ready-made layouts for making the blanket. Of course, you can also design your own layout using your favorite pieces. The instructions are also flexible enough to allow you to arrange the pieces in straight rows, even though this is not suggested in the instructions.

The parts of this project are versatile in every way! The parts will also be available later as individual items, and best of all, the Ice Cream Princess product line is getting a sequel! So you can combine the pieces in many different ways for different projects, either using the ready-made layouts offered by Arteeni or your own adaptations!

The Ice Cream Princess KAL can be found in the online store in both Finnish and English (please note the separate products for each language!). The first part will be published very soon! And don't forget the yarns and supplies at a discount from Lankava!

Yum, until then, put on your tiara and let's meet for ice cream!!


With royal ice cream greetings,


 PS. Käytettäiskö yhteisiä tageja #arteeni_jäätelöprinsessa ja #arteeni_icecreamprincess, niin saadaan kuvat helposti löydettäviksi 

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