A beautiful add to the trendy Icelandic knitting clothes
designed by Johanna Vaurio-Teräväisen 

Iceland magical nature was the source of inspiration for Johanna to create this unbelievable pretty and practical Icelandic type of knitted dress. It is easy to knit and there are plenty of sizes to choose from. You can wear it with leggings or a pair of jeans and perhaps have a cup or two with dear friends in a local cafe. Or you can have a nice and warm cross country skiing trip in a frozen forest and you won't get wet even in a soft rain. Gimsteinn is an unrivaled cloth for any occasion

" Gimsteinn is Islandic and it means a diamond."

Gimsteinn is easy and fast to knit. There are plenty of sizes to choose from and you can make it with a normal or slightly wider hem. There are pretty knitetd cables on the waist which you can also skip if desired. The front and back sides are equal so you don't need to how to wear it. 

Gimsteinn is Islandic and it means a diamond. There are gorgeous gems and diamonds in the dress yoke.

Yarn and sizes

The sample dresses are made of Istex Léttlopi 50 g / 100 m (with 20 stitches per 10 cm) you can check the colors and the amount of skeins below:

And here you'll find the dress sizes - the letter symbols for sizes are not the standard sizes, but the measurements are for the actual cloth (knitted with 20 stitches per 10 cm). As the dress is ment to be snug, you might want to choose the size that is closest to your own measurements. If you wish to make a slightly looser dress, you might want to choose a bigger size. 

Icelandic wool

The wool from Icelandic sheeps have been developed to harsh island conditions during the ages. It has many good benefits like protecting against cold, wind and rain. In Iceland these clothes are used both inside and outdoor clothes - depending on the thickness of the yarn. Also Gimsteinn wokrs well both indoors and outdoors if knitted out of Icelandic wool. If you want to choose any other material for this dress, please knit carefully a swatch first to set your knitting gauge to 20 sts per 10 cm. It really helps to get a perfect outcome!

All photos Copyright by Johanna Vaurio-Teräväinen

You can order the pattern right below or you can go to the web store and order it.

Sari and Johanna

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