Cotton Candy Princess (Fin: Hattaraprinsessa)

Cotton Candy Princess KAL- KnitALong

Valkoinen huivi, jossa näyttäviä pintaneulekuvioita!

Hattaraprinsessa is a lovely cocktail of cotton candy, princesses, and knitting.

The pattern includes 8 charming parts with different surface stitches. The result is a semicircular shawl.

The knitting journey begins with an unprecedented starting method in the center of the shawl. Even an experienced knitter cannot guess how the start was made afterwards. After the new start, you continue with one another with the most beautiful surface stitch patterns.

The number of loops increases at a rapid pace, which is why the parts to be published have also been given slightly different schedules.

Part 1. Monday 25.12.2023
Part 2. Tuesday 26.12.2023
Part 3. Friday 29.12.2023
Part 4. Friday 5.1.2024
Part 5. Friday 12. 1.2024
Part 6. Friday 19.1.2024
Part 7. Friday 26.1.2024
Part 8. Friday 2.2.2024

Hattaraprinsessa knitting project is an excellent activity for the Christmas holidays and also a great gift idea for friends who make handicrafts!

The instructions will be updated to the PDF pattern version on the promised days around 12 pm Central Finland time. You can download the PDF file immediately after payment (note that the actual content will be updated only at the aforementioned times). You will also receive the link to download the instructions by email and you will find your purchased instructions in the future (with the same email address) by logging in to Arteen's website.

*You can choose either the PDF pattern or the print and PDF pattern. Note that the printed instructions sent by post will be sent only in February at the end of the KAL! Even then, the instructions will be available on the publication days as a PDF instruction as in the simple PDF instruction.

Exciting! Will you join the princess journey to hat land?


Hattaraprinsessa KAL huivi


The shawl is started from the center of the neck using Arteen's method vol 2. You can find out more about the first method in Arteen's blog. The starting point is completely inconspicuous, and it is not possible to guess afterwards how and where the shawl was started. Vol 2. is an even more refined version of Arteen's method specifically for starting a semicircular shawl .

The sample shawl is knitted with 8 mm needles from Katia Concept Souspir yarn, 355 g, or 15 skeins (no longer manufactured). The finished shawl is 90 cm in diameter and 180 cm wide.

As an alternative yarn, there is Viking ALpaca Bris, which requires 6.5 mm needles and over 200 g, or 5 skeins. The finished shawl is about 80 cm in diameter and 160 cm wide.

Of course, you can choose any thick and well-flowing yarn for your shawl, with a needle recommendation of about 7-8. The yarn consumption will be confirmed later, but at least as much yarn is needed as for a woman's shirt. With thinner yarn, the shawl will be smaller and naturally the yarn consumption will also be smaller.

The sample shawl is knitted with 8 mm circular needles. The cable length is at least 80 cm. Even then, the needle starts to get quite tight on the last rows of the shawl, and the shawl cannot be photographed, but luckily loop cables have been invented!

The pattern includes both written instructions and charts. In addition, more special stitches and stitch combinations are presented in a video tutorial.

The difficulty level is medium and requires careful following of the instructions. However, you can still start with less knitting experience by doing it together, as there are several knitters in the same phase. Both help and support are likely to be available.

Support: You can find the best support and inspiration from Arteen's Facebook group:

Link to the online store: Order the pattern here or buy the  Yarn kit, which includes also the pattern!

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