Arteeni's Method vol2 - New way to cast on for semicircle shawl from the middle of the neck

Here is a new and ingenious way to start a half-circular knitted scarf from the center of the neck. I call this the Arteeni's Method Vol2, which I use in the Hattaraprinsessa shawl. I hope this instruction will bring you much joy!

With this method, you can create stitches very inconspicuously so that some of the stitches form the scarf's body (green below) and some of the scarf's always-right edge (red below).

Hattaraprinsessa huivin aloitus


  • Shawl/scarf yarn
  • Circular needles
  • Knitting pattern, such as Hattaraprinsessa or your own model (sometimes it's good to just let the yarn take you away)

Techniques used:

  • Creating stitches into a starting loop
  • Judy's Magic cast on; Creating stitches in the same way onto two needles, which is often used in toe-up socks. You will learn this at the same time if you didn't know it before.
  • Tohether these will form Arteeni's Method Vol2

These are not needed:

  • Temporary stitch creation
  • Picking up stitches
  • Stitching on afterwards


Anatomy of the cast on

The scarf is started from the center of the neck. First, 7 stitches are created into the starting loop, shown in green in the picture. These will become the scarf's body. Then, 3 pairs of stitches are created using the Judy's Magic cast on method, shown in pink. These will become the scarf's edge band.

As the scarf progresses, you always knit the first edge's 3 edge stitches (always-right) first, then the scarf's body stitches, and finally another 3 edge stitches. Necessary stitches are increased in the scarf's body to make the scarf grow evenly.

Arteenin menetelmä Vol.2Watch the video below to see how to start the scarf using the Arteeni's Method Vol.2:

Hattaraprinsessa huivi

The Hattaraprinsessa shawl pattern uses this exact method to create the stitches. You can find the pattern here!

Looking for how to create stitches from the center of the neck for a triangular scarf? Find the Arteen Method Vol.1 instructions here!

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