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The sale for Kalevala CAL yarn packs has finally started! There are many different colour variations to choose from so there should be one for everyone's taste.

Yarn usage for the blanket*:

About 2500 metres Menita Lasse (200m/100g, recommended hook size 3.5-4)

About 1000 metres Menita Pia (130m/50g, recommended hook size 3-3.5)

*) Gauge is given later. If your gauge is looser or tighter or you choose yarn with different yardage, will the usage differ from the given amount. Also notice, if you use more colour, the usages will rise, since there will be more leftover yarn with multiple colour.


The names and information of the yarn packs can be found below, as well as the colours and the usages. Yarn amount will make 115 x 170 cm blanket, with the given gauge. To make sure that the blanket will be finished with the amount of the yarn on the pack, the gauge should be checked according to the later given information before starting.

You can also do the finishing of the blanket with accent colour. You can see examples of the accent colour use from Field and Fell blankets. Then we recommend buying one extra skein of Menita’s Pia yarn in the colour you want. When using accent colour, usage of Pia is 9 skeins in total (original 8 plus 1 accent colour).

Take notice: Though the gauge check is important, there’s always possibility that the gauge will change while you crochet the blanket and you may leave whole skeins unused. We have rounded the usages from the model blankets upwise to the next full skein make sure there’s enough yarn for most of the crocheters. Luckily the pricing of the yarn is very reasonable and it’s easy to use the leftover yarn for example to the matching pillow than to start ordering more yarn.

Enjoy choosing the colour schemes!


Grey - ROCK

“Rock” yarn pack is tribute for billions of years old solid rocks in Finland. These rocks has slowly changed their shape in fight against ice, wind and water. When sitting on a rock you can relax by watching the different shades of grey on the surface. In your hands you can feel both smooth and rough surface of the rock. During wars of Finland the soldiers used the rocks as defense and they brought security for the people. By choosing “Rock” yarn pack will your blanket represent stability, safety and peace.


Rock pack includes following

Lasse yarn:

  • 3 x white (100)
  • 2 x black (200)
  • 3 x dark grey (203)
  • 3 x medium grey (204)
  • 4 x light grey (205)
  • as well as 8 x Pia medium grey
​​Kallio blanket has been crocheted and photographed by Seija Ervelius, the scenery photo by Jukka-Pekka Penttinen.

Colourful - FIELD

“Field” yarn pack is like the most beautiful moment of Finnish summer. It will remind you about the clear air, the cattles free on the field eating grass and wild flowers on the meadow. Happy colours shine on midnight sun so beautifully that even the sun doesn’t want to go to sleep. By choosing “Field” yarn pack you get happiness, playfulness and the love of the midnight sun to your blanket.

Field pack includes following Lasse yarn:

  • 2 x Lasse white (100)
  • 3 x bright aqua (2002)
  • 4 x fuchsia (2034)
  • 2 x yellow (2317)
  • 2 x orange (3309)
  • 3 x olive green (9963)

as well as

  • 8 x Pia white (100)
The Field blanket has been crocheted and photographed by Minna Virtanen. The scenery photo by Sari Åström

Blue - LAKE

“Lake” yarn pack is a breeze from the thousands of lakes of Finland. The best place to relax is the tip of the pier by the lake at your own summer cottage. From there children jump to water for a swim. From there you carry water to Sauna and you leave with a rowboat to collect fish for dinner. The water of the lake is so clear that you can even boil new potatoes in it. When it is raining the lake is still beautiful as the drops dance on the surface. By choosing “Lake” yarn package will the colours of your blanket symbolize love and purity.

Lake pack includes following Lasse yarn:

  • 3 x white (100)
  • 3 x denim (160)
  • 2 x navy (170)
  • 3 x royal blue (5936)
  • 3 x light blue (8627)
  • 2 x medium grey (204)​

as well as

  • 8 x Pia white (100)
Järvisävyisen peiton on virkannut Marja-Riitta Kopra ja kuvannut Sari Åström. Järvimaiseman on kuvannut Milla Elo.

Pastels - POND

The colours of the “Pond” yarn pack are as gentle as the surface of windless pond. The colours reflect hazily like as a longing for the dreams of the youth. Slowly swimming swans compete with the beauty of lily flowers. This quiet, paused moment has ability to catch eternity. By choosing “Pond” yarn package your blanket will have calm, serene ambience.


The Pond pack includes following Lasse yarn:

3 x white (100)

2 x pink (6823)

3 x light blue (8627)

2 x fuchsia (2034)

3 x light grey (205)

2 x medium grey (204)


as well as 8 x Pia white (100)

The Pond model blanket has been crocheted and photographed by Marja Saarinen. The scenery photo by Sari Åström.

Plain - Aapa bog

“Aapa” yarn package has gotten it’s name from the string bogs of Northern Finland. The step on the string bog is heavy, wet and embarrassing. You will find the landscape to be monochrome with small tone changes from subshrubs, hay and cloudberries. Spectacularness to the ascetic view brings the lek mating of the cranes. On spring and autumn you can hear their sounds when they migrate. By choosing “Aapa” yarn package you will capture the ascetic beauty and quietness to your blanket.


Aapa pack includes following yarn:

13 x Lasse

8 x Pia

in the colour of your choice



The Aapa model blanket is crocheted by Taina Ilvonen and photographed by Sari Åström. You can crochet your Aapa blanket with your favourite colours. Scenery photo by Liisa Hautamäki


Dark colourful - FOREST

“Forest” colour pack will bring the mystique of Finnish nature and the mystery of dark spruce trees. Resinous smell, rustle of the twigs and pine cones on the ground will guide a curious explorer deeper into the forest. The layers of the plants brings possibilities of colourful surprises. When collecting blueberries or lingonberries you may see the king of the forest, a moose. By choosing “Forest” yarn package you will get mystical surprises and the natural peace of the colours to your blanket.


Forest pack includes following Lasse yarn:

6 x dark grey (203)

1 x yellow (2317)

2 x orange (3309)

1 x purple (757)

2 x magenta (8755)

2 x forest green (8947)

2 x petrol blue (8962)

2 x olive green (9963)


as well as 8 x Pia medium grey (204)


The Forest model blanket in traditional Finnish and Kalevala like colours is crocheted and photographed by Milla Elo. The scenery photo by Liisa Hautamäki


Effect - TUNTURI ( Fell - mountains of Lapland)

Fell yarn package is a piece of Finnish natural treasure, the mountains of Lapland. There live Sami, the indigenous people of Northern Europe but also laplanders who graze reindeer. The colour changes are small due to low and tight crops. The effect for the landscape will bring the colours of the fall, when the ground is full of colour. Later comes polar night when sun goes down even before it gets up on the sky. The happiness to darkness will come from white snow and from the colourful northern lights dancing on the sky. The Santa claus starts his journey from the Korvatunturi. Everything is different on the summer. The Santa’s little helpers are making the next Christmas and Finns celebrate midnight sun. By choosing “Tunturi” yarn package you get the magic and mysterious colours of the Lapland to your blanket.


Fell pack includes following Lasse yarn:


4 x dark grey (203)

2 x white (100)

3 x light grey (205)

3 x medium grey (204)

2 x black (200)

2 x your colour of choice


as well as 8 x Pia medium grey (204)

The Fell model blanket with fuchsia accent color has been crocheted and photographed by Arni Oksanen. You can choose your favourite color to substitute fuchsia. The scenery photo by Liisa Hautamäki.

Thanks to Jutta Karvonen for the yarn pack descriptions and for translations to Milla Karvinen and Milla Elo.


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