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Draumur by Johanna Vaurio-Teräväinen (FI, EN)

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Draumur is a beautiful and quick-to-make Icelandic tunic for outdoor activities. Knitted from double Plötulopi yarn, it is not only fast to knit, it also keeps you very warm and protects well from both moisture and wind. The high collar of the tunic provides additional protection and you can adjust the length of the hem according to your needs. Draumur is an Icelandic word and means dream. Its wonderfully hazy and dreamy look is achieved when already harmonious colors are mixed into wonderful, soft color blending. With a greater contrast of colors, the tunic gets a completely new look. As with many Icelandic sweaters, the sleeves are knitted first, followed by the body, and the yoke comes last, combining everything into a completed garment. The wool of Icelandic sheep has developed in the harsh conditions of the northern island nation and is characterized by good resistance to wind and humidity. In Iceland, garments made of this wool are used both indoors and outdoors, depending on their thickness. Wearing Draumur, you can easily go outside even in a little frost or in a light rain, especially when the surface of the garment has become slightly felted due to wearing and use. Thanks to its fit, it is also easy to layer under outerwear. The best Finnish alternative to Icelandic wool is perhaps the wool of Åland sheep. If the wool’s properties in outdoor activities are not essential to your tunic, you can replace the wool of Icelandic sheep with any local alternative you like. Always ensure your gauge matches the pattern by knitting a swatch Wishing you enjoyable knitting!

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