About Arteeni

The Arteeni business name was originally established in 2005 to support Sari Ojalehto's handicraft hobby. It has been on hiatus in between and its direction has been refined over the phases of life.

At the heart of Arteeni is the sale of knitting and crochet pattern instructions designed by Sari Ojalehto, as well as the sharing of free patterns. A strong additional dimension is also the patterns of other designers and related cooperation (e.g. writing and technical editing of patterns, ask for more information if needed), as well as occasional material packages, trainings and courses and other events.

Arteeni's Mission

Arteeni's purpose is to bring the joy, delight and inspiration of handicrafts within everyone's reach, and to strengthen the well-being and joy of success brought by craftsmanship.

Arteeni's Vision

Arteeni aims to rise as an international trendsetter in yarn crafts in its own area of strength. The vision is to create a well-known brand that gives a strong image of creativity and quality.

Core Values:

  • Inspiration: Sparkling creativity, joy and delight in yarn crafts.
  • Well-being: Increasing knowledge about the impact of craftsmanship on overall well-being.
  • Sustainable development: Natural diversity, frugal consumption and healthy values.

Motto: Handicrafts belong to everyone. You are important!


Passion Projects

In addition to Sari's creative side, she have also studied engineering and worked as a project manager for several years. So she also have the technical skills, the ability to see the big picture, the ability to break down dreams, aspirations and ideas into manageable parts and arrange the parts in an executable order, step by step, stitch by stitch.

This laid the foundation for Kalevala CAL together with Milla Kuuskoski and the entire Kalevala CAL project team, and with all the international participants. With the same enthusiasm, other great projects will surely be completed now and in the future.

 Kalevala CAL

Arteeni Instructions and Support

A combination of creativity and engineering precision also guarantees knitting and crochet instructions that are easy and clear to follow. The instructions are visual, and described as easily and concisely as possible. There are diagrams, pictures, and even videos in addition to the written text as needed. The instructions have been tested to ensure that they are free of errors or confusing sentences.

However, sometimes, due to human error, there may be errors in the instructions or something may be misunderstood. In such cases, you are most likely to get support from the Arteeni Facebook group. There are many others who have done the same pattern and who can help and answer questions. Do not hesitate to ask for help and also help others - someone more quiet may also get help from the activity of others.

It is also wonderful if you inspire others by sharing pictures of the work in progress and the finished work all over the Social Media! Please use #arteeni and pattern related hashtags to share and search for inspiration

Together, handicrafts are even more enjoyable!


Community and Events

We inspire each other, get support, and can laugh and rejoice together. Wonderful new things spread like wildfire when we are a community. Meeting others nourishes and heals us on many levels, giving us energy and inspiration.


In addition to social media, real-life community is a wonderful gift that you should reward yourself with whenever possible. So don't hesitate if you have the opportunity to also participate in live meetings, it's really worth it! Sari has experienced great moments with you at various events; she has taught a crochet course in the mountains of Brazil, she has stood on the steps of the Parliament House with dozens of other crochet enthusiasts, she has taught many courses on knitting and crochet, led a craft retreat and been involved in yarn store events. She enjoys every encounter at events organized by herself or others and she wants more!

Stay tuned and/or invite Sari too!

Warm craft regards,

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