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Sari Ojalehto

Ice Cream Princess Blanket KAL

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Tämä versio on vain englanniksi, suomenkielisen version löydät täältä
Note, this KAL set is only in English, you'll find it here in Finnish


Get ready to scoop up some sweetness with the Ice Cream Princess Blanket KAL! This delightful knit-along project features five charming ice cream-themed squares, a half-square, and a beautiful border. Squares are bound off, and the joining of the parts is done with a crochet hook. But no need to panic – video tutorials are included!

Starting on May 24th, 2024, we'll be serving up new blanket parts every two weeks, keeping the excitement churning!

  • Ice Cream Princess Blanket KAL info coming soon
  • Part 1: May 24 - Square 1
  • Part 2: June 7 - Square 2
  • Part 3: June 21 - Square 3
  • Part 4: July 5 - Square 4
  • Part 5: July 19 - Square  5
  • Part 6: August - 2 Half Square
  • Part 7: August - 16 Border

    This KAL package includes all the above parts as separate PDF files. The content of the files will be updated according to the schedule and you will be notified by email.

    We can't wait to see your ice cream blanket creations come to life! Join the fun and knit along with us!

    Happy stitching!

    Materials and tools

    • Yarn Lankava Lempi, color 101 natural white; 100% wool, bulky weight, 50 g = 50 m:
      • 1550 grams layout A OR
      • 2250 grams for layout B
      • Both the options above include material for the blanket and the tassels with only a very small buffer. Take care to follow the given gauge or you might want to get extra yarn- especially if you tend to knit loose or want to have some spare yarn for trials and errors.
    • 6 mm knitting needles
      •  20 cm double point needles OR 80 – 100 cm circular needles for the squares AND
      • 150 cm circular needle for the border (Hint. join several shorter interchangeable needle cables to get one long one)
    • 6 mm crochet hook
    • Tapestry needle and yarn scissors for securing yarn ends.
    • Inflexible cotton yarn that won’t bleed color, and stainless T-pins for blocking the finished blanket.

    Lankava offer

    Lankava is offering a 10% discount on materials and supplies for participants in the Ice Cream Princess project.

    The discount includes:

    To get the discount, use the code JÄÄTELÖPRINSESSA (or JAATELOPRINSESSA) by August 22, 2024.

    By using the code, blanket designer Sari Ojalehto will also receive a commission on sales.

    Difficulty Level

    The squares are knitted from the center outwards and the increases are centered on different needles at the corners of the pieces. This requires a little practice at first, but all the test knitters have so far succeeded well and have enjoyed the method once they got into the swing of it. It also makes the instructions clearer as they are for an entire side of the square at a time, and you don't have to worry about where the round started or when the next repeat continues.

    Therefore, we would say that the overall project is intermediate, but because the instructions also include videos of all the tricks and special stitches, even a brave beginner is sure to succeed!

    However, if you're wondering if you dare to try it, the first Vanilla Square is available for free for a while in our online store with the code JATSKI. The instructions only include the particular square, not other parts or instructions for the project, but if you enjoy the experiment, you can then jump into this whole KAL!

    Blanket layout options

    Pictures above: Layout option A (on the left) measures about 130 x 170 cm (weight 1400 g without tassels). Layout option B (on the right) is about 170 x 210 cm (weight 2100 g without tassels). 

    Here you can find a prinbtable map and layout for the small and for the big blanket. It might be helpful to mark your progress there!

    Ice Cream Princess KAL instructions available only as a PDF file for now!

    Happy knitting!


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