Sari Ojalehto - Arteeni

Sari Åström Arteeni 

Behind Arteeni name, you'll find Sari Ojalehto (ex Åström). I love all kind of yarny things. Love, love, love!

As long as I can remember I have knitted or crocheted, thanks to my dear granny! But that is not all. If you wish to know me a bit better, please read below some details of me and Arteeni. 

Ultimate sources of Inspiration


I love materials. I want to feel the softness or roughness with my hands. Or my cheek. I even smell the skein. I explore the yarn with pure curiosity to get to know it and to listen what it want to become. I enjoy nice, warm shades of a bit mixed colors. I don't mind whether it is made of cotton, linen or nettle, merino, alpaca or silk, if it is natural, it is close to my heart. Material is the base of my design. 



We have fabulous nature in Finland. This is home of pines and other coniferous trees. And the birches stand in almost every yard and next to every road bend, white bark shivering in the dawn.Thousands and thousands of lakes and ponds are joined with rivers and brooks, which meander through untouched forests. Wild animals are wandering and gathering to eat berries and mushrooms. Clean and pure, almost virginal air to breath and infinite space everywhere. I just cherish in the nature and that gives the soul for my designs.

Nature - luonto



My family and friends matters me a lot. No, more! Definitely more than "lot". They are ultimate and unbounded source of joy to my life. I am blessed with extremely loved friends all around the world. My people makes my designs vivid and lively, they give the personality for my work.

People and friends


I also get a lot of inspiration and energy while I know that you appreciate my designs and enjoy knitting and crocheting with my instructions. You, your joy and your happiness matters me a lot, whether you are close or far away, young or old, familiar or someone I haven't met yet. I hope you really enjoy my designs as well as I prosper on my Arteeni site. I truly rejoice to be part of your time, part of your life, close to your soul. I hope I and my designs can cherish your endless ability to create!


Projects from the Heart

Despite being creative since childhood, I have read Engineering and I have worked as a Project Manager for many many years. I have technical skills, I have ability to see overall picture, I know to split it into a reasonable parts and portions to create a path to accomplish the result I have dreamed and visualized, step by step, stitch by stitch. I know how to get things done. That all have made Kalevala CAL possible together with Milla Kuuskoski, the Kalevala CAL team and the participants all around the world. That makes also possible many other successful projects now and in the future!

 Kalevala CAL

Arteeni Designs Instructions and Support

So, mix of creativity and the precision of an engineer gives you knit and crochet instructions that are easy to follow and understand. They are visual and nice to see. I do my best to describe things as easily but as shortly as possible. I have several test knitters and crocheters to help me to avoid errors or tangible explanations. I use charts, photos and even videos to support the written instructions when ever it is possible or reasonable. Still, it is humane that something happens or some stitches or parts of the pattern are not easy to understand. Then you'll get the best support in Arteeni Facebook group. There are plenty of others doing the same patterns, plenty of others who can help and plenty of others who might benefit from your question. Please don't hesitate to join and ask, help and inspire others with your photos of progress. Together this is at least three times nicer!!


Events and Participation

We'll get inspired by others, we get peer support and help, joy and laughter. You know how beautiful new things spread to others with a speed of light. You probably know how after a short contact with others you can feel nourished, energetic and inspired again. Inspiring others happens even in social media (so please join in and follow Arteeni in all the channels) but please don't hesitate if you have a possibility join together as live in a real life. That is really worth it! I have experienced beautiful moments while teaching overlay crochet in little village up to mountains in Brazil, I have had knitting and crochet courses in local Community College. I have sat on the Parliament House steps with tens of others yarny colleagues and I have enjoyed to participate in many little or big even organized by me or by others. And I wan't to participate more. Just let me know where and let me know if you can meet here! Keep tuned to be first ones to know what happens. Join my weeklish email list to be informed!




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