Lá Breá - a knitting joyrney to beautiful Ireland

When knitting a Lá breá shawl you can make an image journey to Ireland, to the emerald green island. Let your mind wander into its sea smelling climate, its fabulous beaches and it’s never-ending meadows and moors, its meandering hills and lakes until they reach the sides of small mountains and hills.

You can also hear the exotic Irish language. For example, "Lá breá" means "beautiful day". There's a funny story attached to that phrase, as Irish speakers living in West Coast villages have a habit to use it to a mockery of people who can't say anything else in Irish than "beautiful day today"

The Irish language sounds so charming, that I would love to be Lá breá for a moment.


Lá Breá - a knitted shawl

A traditionally romantic shawl that can be worn on any occasion; around your neck or on your shoulders, for your self or to be given for someone precious. The shawl is almost identical from both sides, including the color stripes. Beautiful little picots give the final touch for the lace trim on the edge.

The shawl is started from the middle of the neck by Arteeni's Method. The starting point is almost invisible and probably no-one can see how it was started afterward. 

Shawl is knitted of Misanja's single merino, which is a fabulous yarn for a shawl! You can ask yarn from Misanja

Misanja single Merino yarn

Knitting a Lá Breá shawl is a pleasure! It has a lot of easy knitting, for example, for telly or car trip (read: also suitable for remote meetings or training when you are more in the role of a listener). Plus, the nice trick is that new way to start the shawl as well as the knitted picots on the edge!

You can find the instructions in the Arteeni's online store as a downloadable PDF, as a shippable paper copy, and traditionally at Ravelry.

A wonderful spring and the pleasure of knitting for you!


Arteeni La Brea shawl


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